How to convert MP3 to AMR, WAV to AMR for mobile phone ? Hi, I want to convert my mp3 files to amr. What is the easiest solution? Thanks.
The most easy way: download freeware Nokia Multimedia Player with AMR support.
Download it from here: Nokia_6600_Multimediaplayer_1_1_en.exe (8MB)
This is normal free audio/video player for PC platform (Windows OS), but it has several additional functions (including conversion to amr audio format).

1) Download and install player.
2) Launch Nokia Multimedia Player. Open your audio file (mp3 or wav).
3) Press File -> Save as...
4) Enter filename of your .AMR file, and choose size limit:
Custom 200KB
Custom 300KB
No size limit
5) Click Save. File converted. That's all!

Another approach: download and install freeware Mobile AMR Converter from here: AMR Converter Download.

1) Launch Mobile AMR Converter.
2) Click on WAVE/MP3 to AMR light button (below green picture: PC to phone).
3) Next, specify your input MP3 or WAV filename: click on the first Browse light-button, select your mp3 (wav) file and click OK.
4) Click Convert Now.

OK! Your file is converted (from mp3 to amr with the same file name).
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