What are OGM, OGG formats ? How to play them with any video player ? What is OGG and what is OGM ? How to play these audio, video files?
OGM is not a codec. OGM (OGG Media) is a container format, like AVI. It has 2 main advantages over AVI: the first is seeking. Seeking will be instantaneous. No longer will you have to wait in front of a black screen until the video starts playing again, or experience the video speed up to warp speeds as it tries to catch up with the audio. And the second one is the multiplexing overhead.

OGM consists of Video and Audio streams.

Usually OGM Audio stream is Ogg Vorbis or AC3. Ogg Vorbis is an open source patent free audio codec that can rival the quality of upcoming commercial codecs like AAC, MP3Pro and VQF and which can surpass MP3 and WMA audio.

OGM Video stream usually is compressed with XviD or DivX codec.

In order to play OGM files with any directshow compatible video player you must install Ogg Vorbis package:

Download OGM DS Package

OGG is another media container format (generally used for audio data) developed by Xiph.Org. Audio stream stored inside OGG container can be compressed using any codec, but OGGs most often carry audio encoded in the OGG Vorbis format. OGG Vorbis is a lossy audio codec. It is popular among open source communities, because Vorbis is completely free, open, and unpatented. OGG Vorbis is used in video games, on many websites. Also, national radio stations such as Radio France, CBC Radio, Virgin Radio provide Vorbis audio streams.

In order to play OGG files with any directshow compatible audio/media player you must install free Ogg Codecs:

Download Ogg Codecs

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