How to repair, fix MP3 files ? I got some MP3's and my player just goes into stop mode when I play them. How to fix mp3 files?

Also, I have one corrupt mp3 file from web site. It plays under winamp and every other mp3 player I've used. But if I burn it to a CDR, it doesn't play in my mp3 cd player. So, how I could repair mp3? Any tips?

Validate and repair your MP3 files using freeware tool MP3 Validator

Download MP3 Validator (64 KB)

Step 1. Unzip the downloaded file. Launch mp3val-frontend.exe
Step 2. Click File -> Add files or Add folder to add your mp3 files that you want to check and repair.
Step 3. Click menu: Actions -> Scan all. It will start scanning for errors in mp3 files. Below you can see corresponding information about any selected mp3 file.
Step 4. Finally, click Actions -> Repair all files. Done.

You can find more information about this tool here:

You can fix MP3 files with the help of free MP3 Repair Tool.

Download this tool:

Step 1.  Unzip file, run MP3RTSetup.exe to install the program.

Step 2.  Launch it. Go to the folder with your broken mp3 file(s).

Step 3.  Select files (click the boxes on the left side of each file) or select all files by clicking Select All button.

Step 4.  Finally, click Repair! button.

All mp3 files will be quickly repaired.

Alternative software to fix your mp3 files -- free mpTrim tool.

Download it here:

Step 1.  Unzip file, launch mpTrim.exe

Step 2.  Click Open. Select your corrupt mp3 file.

Step 3.  Finally, click Save As and enter a new file name.

Done! Your mp3 file is corrected.
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