How to delete a part of your video clip ? COMMERCIAL SOLUTION

Now let's suppose that while editing your home video you have discovered a few moments that you would not like to be kept in this movie. Let's consider that you have already imported this video to AVS Video Editor. For example, you have found out 5 seconds of needless video and you want to delete them.

Install AVS Video Editor.

Step 1: Place the imported video to the Storyboard.
Step 2: Cut the unnecessary part in the Timeline mode.
Step 3: Preview the result with the help of Main Preview.

STEP 1:   Placing video to the storyboard

To start placing the imported video to the storyboard please click the Make Video icon in the Create Movie menu pane.

After that you will find the Media Library items and clips present in the highlighted item in the Media Library and the Workspace displayed in the Storyboard mode. Working in this mode you can add or remove video clips from your project, change the sequence of clips at the storyboard, trim video clips added to your project.

To add video to the storyboard please use drag-and-drop method: drag the desired video icon from the Media Library to the Storyboard:

To change the sequence of your video clips it's easier to use the Move Left and Move Right buttons. Note that there is an opportunity to use multiselection feature: all of the videos selected in the Media Library will be added to the Storyboard.

When all of the necessary video clips are added, it's time to cut the unnecessary part in Timeline mode.

STEP 2:   Cutting the unnecessary part in Timeline mode

  1. To cut the needless video you should switch into the Timeline mode. For that click the Video Effects button in the Create Movie menu pane.

  2. After that find out the starting position of the unnecessary video episode and move the Timeline cursor to it. It is very convenient to use the Main Preview for that. Click the Show/Hide Preview button to open the Main Preview window.

    You can use the Timeline cursor or the Main Preview seeking bar to navigate through your video. When the desired point is found, you should set marker at this place. For that click the Markers tab located in the right lower corner and click the Add button. Then repeat the sequence of action described above to set marker at the end position of area you want to delete.

  3. After that you should do the following:

    - double-click the starting position marker in the markers list;

    - click the Go To button;

    - click end the position marker in the markers list;

    - click the Select button.

    The part of your video from the starting marker till the end marker will be selected at the Timeline and highlighted.

  4. After all, please click the Split/Delete button . Then AVS Video Editor will automatically take you to the Storyboard view where your input video clip will be represented as two clips: the first one will contain video information from the beginning till the starting position marker, and the second one - from the ending position marker till the end of your input video clip.

Now it's time to preview the result.

STEP 3:   Preview the Result

The Main Preview is intended for previewing the whole project with audio and all of the effects and changes you have made. This is exactly what we need!

  1. Move the Timeline cursor to the position where you want to start previewing.

  2. Click the Play Preview button.

  3. Enjoy!!!

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