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How to burn movies to DVD to watch on my Home DVD Player?

AVS Video Converter enables you to burn a home video DVD to playback in your home DVD player from all modern video formats. The integrated DVD burning engine and the widest range of supported video formats make AVS Video Converter a perfect tool to create personal DVD videos.

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Step 1.  Launch AVS Video Converter. Click the first "Browse..." button (at the right side). Select video files, click Open.

Step 2.  Click the "Formats" tab, click "To DVD". Select DVD Profile. You can use +/- buttons to add/remove files and arrows buttons to move files in the list.

Step 3.  Click the second "Browse..." button at the right side of the window, and choose the folder on your hard disk for storing converted temporary files.

Step 4.  In case you convert your files into a DVD format, the program will let you create a DVD menu so that you could navigate through your disc easily using it. First of all you need to set the chapters of your DVD menu. To do it switch into the editing mode using the "Edit" button on the AVS Video Converter Main Toolbar. In the opened window click the "Chapters" central button:

Place the mouse cursor within the Timeline where a chapter should start and click the "Add Chapter" button on the Timeline Toolbar.

If you want to delete some chapters select the necessary one clicking it with the mouse. Then use the "Remove Chapter" button at the Timeline Toolbar or right-click this chapter and select "Remove Chapter" from the express menu. To delete all chapters use the "Remove All" button.

Step 5.  After all the chapters are added click the "Disc Menu" central button to start editing your DVD Menu.

Select one of the Disc Menu Styles by double-clicking it. In the Preview Area you can switch between the Main Page and the Chapters page. To assign your own background pictures, left-click the Working Areas at the bottom of the window, and select the desired image or video file.

In the Settings section you can change the Disc Menu Title, assign your own Background Music or set the Number of chapters on page using the appropriate controls.

Click OK.

Step 6.  Click "Convert Now!" button to start the conversion process.

Step 7.  At the end of video conversion, the window will appear:

Click "Burn to Disc...".

Step 8.  Insert a blank disc into your DVD drive. If you have several DVD drives, then choose it from the drop-down list and click Refresh.

Click the "Start Burning!" button to burn DVD. If the disc is not empty you will be offered to erase it.

At the end of the burning process, the disc will be ejected automatically. Note, if you checked the "Verify disc", the recording will take a little longer depending on the size of the output files as the program will need time to verify them.

Done! Now you can watch the recorded DVD on your Home DVD Player!

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